Mindfulness Meditation


Jennifer integrates her training and experience as a therapist with thirty years of meditation practice and Buddhist psychology.

She has been influenced by many teachers including, James Baraz, Tara Brach, Howard Cohn, Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein. Sharda Rogell is her mentor and guiding teacher. Jennifer has completed many years of training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and currently teaches Mindfulness Meditation classes and daylong retreats. Jennifer has also completed a two-year specialized training in end-of-life care and is currently a member of Upaya Zen Center's Spiritually  Engaged Buddhist Training.

Body Scan Meditation

Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

There are many types if meditation and many reasons why one might be drawn to it.  Mindfulness Meditation, a central teaching of Buddhism,  has been a living practice for over 2500 years.   A powerful way  to reduce stress, Mindfulness Meditation can also help us to understand and relate to challenging emotions in healthier ways.

Along with these possible benefits, and perhaps most importantly, Mindfulness Meditation offers us the opportunity to learn to be fully present and open to whatever is happening in our own experience, just as it is,  Through this kind attention, ease, peace and wisdom grow in our lives; we learn to be kinder and more accepting of ourselves and bring this awareness into our relationships and the world we share.

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